Youth in power – Translating “why” into action
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Sun Oct 7, 2018
Harvard Kennedy School - L-145
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Where do leaders develop their skills? Are great leaders just born, or are they just better at hiding or overcoming their self-doubts and weaknesses? Do they actually have to work on developing these skills? And how do they handle setbacks and redefine their strategies along the way?

These are the questions the Young Leaders Stage at this year’s GAC will address. We might not get clear answers to all our questions, but we will get a better idea of the challenges that  young leaders have to face as they navigate between their own and outside expectations. The Young Leaders Stage will bring together people from diverse areas such as politics, entrepreneurship and academia. They will share their very own experiences and some wisdom they have acquired along the way.

What not to expect: Leadership cookbook

What to expect: Get inspired by entertaining reflections on the experiences of our Young Leaders. Hear about different perspectives on how leadership can be reinterpreted especially these days as hierarchies lose their importance and the workforce is getting more diverse. Narratives not just about successes but also about challenging situations where things didn’t work out as planned and what to learn about leadership from having to re-think strategies.

Carl Brockmeyer President & General Manager, Leybold
Hélène Vincent President, Candidate, Boston City Council
Christopher Lee Co-founder, InfiniteMD
Anna Vaccari Board member and co-founder, Women in Security and Privacy

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