Friday, September 28
Fear Free Training in the Shelter Setting
Fear Free
Friday, September 28
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Prairies 6


  • Cindi Delany (Speaker) Supervising Shelter Veterinarian, UC Davis - Koret Shelter Medicine Program


Many of us in the sheltering industry talk about the importance of the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare.  When it comes to interacting with the animals in our care we can take it a step further and consider how best to affect animal behavior and implement active training in this setting.  In this session we’ll explore how we in the animal sheltering industry can use concepts of classical conditioning as well as how best to apply different training methods, with special consideration of the concept of the “Humane Hierarchy” in animal training, to maximize the benefits for our shelter animals.  This session will explore various training methods including positive reinforcement based training versus punishment based training to help determine which methods will be most beneficial for our shelter animals, our community and ourselves.  We’ll discuss which techniques are expected to be most successful as part of a general strategy to help shelter animals to better tolerate the stressful and sometimes scary environment they find themselves in.  This session will also explore how these techniques can be used to increase behaviors we know adopters like and decrease behaviors we know adopters don’t like.  We’ll explore the benefits of approaching training with this framework in mind, including decreased stress/fear, improved animal welfare, increased staff and public satisfaction, increased adoption rates and decreased returns.   

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