Friday, September 28
Free Free Husbandry in the Shelter Setting
Fear Free
Friday, September 28
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Prairies 6


  • Cindi Delany (Speaker) Supervising Shelter Veterinarian, UC Davis - Koret Shelter Medicine Program


What can we do to improve the daily lives of the animals in our care in animal shelters? How can putting some thought into housing, handling, daily operations and enrichment opportunities offered to shelter animals improve welfare, decrease workload, increase live release rates and decrease shelter length of stay?  In this session, we’ll discuss how evidence-based medicine and scientific inquiry have provided us with new information on how housing, handling, enrichment, and training can impact animals in confinement settings like animal shelters and sanctuaries.  We’ll explore how animal shelters and sanctuaries can positively impact welfare and outcomes for the animals in their care by implementing changes in how they approach these concepts.  We’ll discuss how some simple changes in how animals are housed, handled and interacted with can reduce stress, decrease disease incidence and improve recovery times (and final outcomes) for animals with medical and behavioral issues, and how this can help keep animals that don’t have any problems from developing them.  There will be something for everyone in this session as we’ll discuss all aspects of an animal’s shelter stay.

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