Thursday, September 26
Searching the Deep Web
Thursday, September 26
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
MS Stubnitz Hold 1 (Vorschiff)

Limited Seating

150 of 150 seats filled

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Search engines cover only a very small part of the Internet. Social networks are only partially covered by them, and the deep web, the "hidden web", remains completely closed to them.

But the deep web is by far the largest part of the Internet! Everything you can only achieve by typing something on the keyboard, a search query or a password, is part of the Deep Web. Search engines won't be able to find it.

Most (and often the most relevant) content on the Internet can be found in databases, closed forums and hard-to-reach areas like the "Darknet". But how do you find them when search engines fail?

That's exactly what this training is about: Which tools and strategies are there to explore the "deep web" and find and use databases.

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