Saturday, September 28
Data Hands-On: Social Network Analysis NodeXL -- Class 2
Data Data Hands-On
Saturday, September 28
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Room 2.105, HafenCity Universit├Ąt (HCU)

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  • Harald Meier (Speaker) Geographer, Social Media Research Foundation


Session 2: Mapping Virtual Crowd Networks for Journalists - Application and Examples

Creating a network map from social media data is like taking a picture of a virtual crowd. These network maps are helpful tools for journalists looking for stories “behind the hashtag”. Almost every story now has a social media dimension. Covering a story in the physical world while keeping up to date on the large streams of content flowing through social media is a challenge that requires better tools to overcome.

In this session we will look at several NodeXL network maps created from current Twitter discussions. We will interpret the network shapes, look at clusters, identify thought leaders, and analyze shared content. Further examples include maps of botnets, as well as social media connections among the members of national legislatures. The social network of the Bundestag, for example, reveals current and shifting cross party alliances and leaders along with a quick summary of their member’s agenda as seen through the words, hashtags, and URLs.

Attendees can also create their own datasets and maps easily with the automation feature during this session. Attending the session “Introduction to Social Network Analysis with NodeXL” is helpful, but not required.

Note: 20 laptops with installed software and user licenses will be available in this session. If you choose to bring your own laptop, please send an email to, and you will receive a NodeXL Pro trial user license along with installation instructions (Requirements: Windows OS, Microsoft Office Excel).

Important Advisory: Hands-on classes are limited to 30 seats. Please sign up only if you are serious about taking the class. Signing up does not ensure you will get in. The first 20 attendees will get in and be able to use the conference laptops, which are PCs pre-loaded with software and data. The next 10 attendees will need their own laptops and software noted in the course description. If you see online that a class already has 30 sign-ups do not hesitate to still sign up, as seats often open up. We will try to repeat popular classes later in the conference. Thanks for your understanding.

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