Assessment: Show Your Work
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wed Jun 12, 2019
Grand Ballroom B

  • This Pre-Conference session will build upon a session provided at the HECMA Roundtable 2017, “Data Driven Practice” presented by staff members at the University of Kentucky. In “Show Your Work” we will review concepts from that session while taking a deeper dive into assessment. How do we show our work? We’ll begin by discussing elements of participants’ case management process and documentation. We will then demonstrate how data can be optimized and leveraged for maximum effectiveness. This will include discussion of common assessment metrics to consider for Advocate and Maxient configurations.


We’ll end with discussing options and formats that best permit you to “show your work.” How do you best tell the story of the impact your office has on student success?  


Participants should consider bringing examples of current data and/or annual reports that you share with your campus partners to use in practical review/feedback.

Therese Smith Director, Community of Concern, University of Kentucky

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