Where to Turn When Students Need a Higher Level of Care: Partnership with Acadia Healthcare
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Wed Jun 12, 2019
Grand Ballroom B
General Clinical

Often times, case managers see students presenting with behaviors that are beyond the scope of care offered by the University. This program seeks to explore how a partnership with Acadia Healthcare can connect students and families with a higher level of care. When we as case managers have done all the interventions we can do, and are still not seeing a change in a student’s behaviors, Acadia helps students and families develop a plan of action to get them the treatment they need so they can return to campus as a healthy and engaged student. Through case studies from multiple universities, we will take a look at what Acadia actually does for case managers, and clear up any misconceptions of this invaluable service to our students.

Sarah Grace Walters Coordinator, Auburn Cares, Auburn University
Tom Bennett Higher Education Recovery Coordinator, Acadia Healthcare
Katherine Hettinger Manager, Auburn Cares, Auburn University
Jessie Lombardi Associate Director for Care and Crisis Management: University Health & Counseling Services, Case Western Reserve University

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