Thursday, May 16
Workshop: Using Graphic Art as a Way to Work with Rhythm Orchestra with Children
Thursday, May 16
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Room: C201, Malmö Academy of Music



In recent years, we have discovered that among younger Swedish children the meaning of the word for play (spela) has shifted from playing an instrument to playing a videogame. We have also learned that, in music education for the youngest, musical instruments are seldom used. We find this really alarming and want to take back the musical sense of the word play. Hence we are developing a way to work with graphic art and rhythm orchestra, together with pre-recorded music. Thus the children can enjoy their music in a new setting, in which they can work on and develop specific musical aspects. We are also exploring ways to combine their music making with digital technology and with other art forms, e.g. movement. When tested with older students, this method has opened up for arranging, composing, expanding their listening and exploring new aspects of music that is part of their everyday life. This really connects to the conference´s theme of placing the student’s music making in the centre of our teaching.
We therefore invite conference participants to join us in a workshop where they will experience using graphic art as a way to work with rhythm orchestra in school years one to six. We are also hoping for valuable input as to how this form of creative playing could be developed.

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