Wednesday, October 7
Compiling Chapel: Keys to Making Parallel Programming Productive at Scale
Wednesday, October 7
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Chapel is a parallel language designed to support productive programming from laptops to supercomputers. Unlike typical general-purpose approaches to large-scale computing, Chapel supports a global namespace and a global view of control. These make programming at scale more productive and natural by avoiding the need to utilize a Single Program, Multiple Data (SPMD) approach. Chapel is being developed as portable, open- source software and has demonstrated its ability to match or beat C/C++/MPI/OpenMP performance using code that's as easy to read as Python or Swift.

In this talk, I will introduce some of Chapel's key features for those who are new to the language. However, most of the talk will focus on unique aspects of compiling Chapel. I will illustrate the transformations and analyses we use to implement Chapel's global view of data and control. I will also describe some optimizations that make use of Chapel's feature set to improve performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. In doing so, I will argue that when designed well, a productive language can enhance a compiler's ability to achieve performance and scalability rather than thwarting it. I'll wrap up by touching on some upcoming challenges for the Chapel compiler, including code generation for GPUs, reducing compilation time, and supporting interactive programming.

Chair:Jeffrey S Young, Georgia Institute of Technology

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