Nature-based Solutions or Nature-based Excuses? (GYBN, YOUNGO, Youth4Nature)
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Thu Apr 15, 2021
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Climate Change

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are becoming an increasingly contested concept in several policy fora. While many governments, businesses and even large NGOs in the climate-space are pushing for swift global implementation and are praising NbS as an important response to climate change, many grass-root NGOs, indigenous and local communities as well as an increasing number of young people are concerned that some projects implemented as NbS schemes could post serious risks to ecosystems and species and perpetuate business as usual approaches or even greenwashing; thus leading to delayed decarbonization.

The lack of a universally agreed definition of NbS as well as concerns about human rights and robust biodiversity safeguards are gaining traction, particularly in the Biodiversity space.

Are Nature-based solutions really solutions for biodiversity and climate change or just an imposed distraction? What is the difference between NbS and ecosystem-based approaches ? Could ecosystem approaches be a better alternative?

Through this event we hope to bring more clarity to the discussion about NbS, strengthen our common understanding and discuss how NbS can be used as a tool to engage actors across disciplines and sectors.

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