Wednesday, June, 13
Supra-threshold psychoacoustics and envelope-following response relations: Normal-hearing, synaptopathy and cochlear gain loss
11:00 am - 11:20 am
Auditorium A



The perceptual consequences of cochlear synaptopathy are presently not well understood as a direct quantification of synaptopathy is not possible in humans. Instead, recent studies have correlated individual differences in subcortical EEG responses, as a proxi measure for synaptopathy, to changes in basic supra-threshold psychoacoustic tasks to study its role for human hearing. It is not clear whether the reported missing relationships between EEG and psychoacoustic quantities are due to the adopted methods, or to a minor role of synaptopathy for sound perception. To address this issue, this study investigates the theoretical relationship between subcortical EEG and psychoacoustic methods for different sensorineural hearing deficits.

Authors: Sarah Verhulst, Frauke Ernst, Markus Garrett, Viacheslav Vasilkov

Chairs: Ewen MacDonald, Andrew Oxenham

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