Friday, October 26
Keynote: Transforming Health Care in the Information Age
Friday, October 26
8:30 am - 9:15 am
Regency B/C/D



“We can’t treat our way out of the health care crisis. We must learn our way out of it.”
For most of history, health care was centered on the doctor’s office or hospital. Today, health care is much more complex. The proliferation of information available to physicians and to their patients has fundamentally shifted the focus of information and power to patients. In the information age, the evolution of learning and application of big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence will be a central reality in the diagnostic laboratory practice. Lab professionals will be a major contributor to the growth of meaningful data and information and will add to the volumes of existing data. This information must be available to patients, physicians, and care teams, along with the technology and tools to understand and use the data. In this keynote, Dr. Cochran will explore how health care must transform in order to meet the challenges of the information age and to address the crisis of affordability and value in health care.

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