Thursday, October 25
Lessons in Management Leadership: How to Change Your Team’s Mindset and Improve the Patient Care Experience
Track: Adding Value to Your Lab
Thursday, October 25
4:50 pm - 5:40 pm
Regency D


  • Lee Hubert (Speaker) Principal Consultant - Founder iTrainManagersforSuccess, Voltage Leadership Consulting
  • Joseph Keary (Speaker) CEO & Chief Consultant, JGK Leadership Consulting


The traditional “profile” of the laboratory professional is of an introvert who likes to work away from the limelight and only leave the bench or office for lunch and to go home. But this lack of visibility is damaging to our profession, leading many to either overlook or minimize the critical nature of our profession in patient care. This session will discuss why laboratorians need to break out of our self-imposed cocoon and how to become active participants in the patient care experience and be more engaged in organizational governance, using an outward mindset. We will then look at how laboratory leaders can help others unlock their personal and professional values, talents, and abilities. We’ll discuss how to apply the success equation, build the trust bridge, erase drama, push people appropriately, coach people up, grow people, and resolve conflict.

After this session, attendees will be able to:

Identify the key differences between outward and inward mindset

Develop a plan to identify and address some counter-productive workplace behaviors

Use the tools of the outward mindset in improving both interdepartmental relationships (such as the laboratory and the emergency department) and the patient care experience at their institution

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