Thursday, October 25
Managed Care Marketplace for Labs: Impacts and Opportunities
Track: Critical Trends & Disrupters
Thursday, October 25
3:50 pm - 4:40 pm
Columbia B



Laboratory technology is growing rapidly, and with the expansion of genetic and molecular-based testing, insurance companies have fallen behind in the explosive growth. The cost of the technology is increasing more rapidly than the ability to understand and manage; as a result, health plans have reacted by cutting reimbursement, adding medical policy limitations, contracting with benefit managers, and narrowing and closing their networks to any new providers. We will discuss how these trends may impact your laboratory, and potential workable solutions to these and other network contracting problems.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define the current trends in healthcare today
  • Learn the potential impact benefit managers have on your labs ability to perform and to receive reimbursement.
  • Understand how distinguishing your lab, creating opportunities to show your value.

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