Thursday, October 25
Questions to Ask Before Retaining or Outsourcing Hospital Laboratory Services
Track: Adding Value to Your Lab
Thursday, October 25
3:50 pm - 4:40 pm
Regency D


  • Sherri Flax (Speaker) Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs & Outreach, University of Florida


Should a hospital outsource or sell part or all of outreach services? Does partnership or joint venture with a commercial lab make economic sense? How will PAMA affect hospital outreach laboratories? What is the true value of a hospital outreach lab? There are many correct answers, but they usually begin with “it depends”. This presentation will detail the history of financial growth in hospital laboratory outreach, the timeline for regulatory oversight, and the new changes and incentives that MACRA and PAMA present. This presentation makes the case for making for an informed decision before retaining or outsourcing hospital laboratory services.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the major changes in reimbursement that affect hospital versus reference laboratories
  • Be able to identify the pros and cons of retaining versus selling a hospital outreach laboratory
  • Identify the role of “laboratory identity” in terms of market share and client relationships

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