Wednesday, October 24
Master Your Fate: Perspectives on the Advantages & Disadvantages Confronting Laboratories in a Post-PAMAgeddon world
Wednesday, October 24
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Regency B/C/D



As the industry presses toward value based care and with ongoing reimbursement compression still at play, laboratories are struggling to control their destinies. They to need to take steps to mitigate lost revenue, and to develop strategies that exploit their unique advantages. Hospital vs. independent, clinical vs specialty are just two of the schisms evident in healthcare diagnostics today that are setting laboratories on divergent paths.

This session will discuss specific steps to:

  • Identify areas of competitive differentiation
  • Mitigate revenue losses due to reimbursement compression, higher copays and cost structure challenges
  • Exploit or develop advantages specific to your lab’s unique attributes and environment
  • Harness the insights residing in data, including aggregated PAMA data and information locked within the laboratory


Master Your Fate

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