Thursday, October 25
The Opioid Crisis: How to Tackle Challenges Facing Laboratories
Track: Critical Trends & Disrupters
Thursday, October 25
4:50 pm - 5:40 pm
Columbia B



The opioid crisis has had a huge impact in our country. Clinical laboratories are often times at the front of helping to address this crisis. In our current healthcare environment, it has become almost impossible to accomplish the goal of helping in-patient treatment because of Draconian rules in place from payors. Additionally, there are other pressures on laboratories that make it almost impossible to work effectively to address this public health crisis. The purpose of this topic is to discuss the challenges faced by laboratories today and recommendations for potential solutions. We will also look at logic that our lab uses for drug testing orders that meet CMS requirements.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding current challenges for the clinical laboratory, as the laboratory tries to navigate among all stakeholders that effect the lab as it relates to the opioid crisis
  • Develop best practices and a plan to be able to deliver the following:
    • Provide physicians with needed information to help improve patient outcomes
    • Be compliant with CMS regulations
    • To bill and get paid for testing from payers


The Opioid Crisis

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