Thursday, August 9
Invasion of Privacy: The Sociology of Cardi B
Thursday, August 9
10:30 am - 11:45 am
Benton Room


  • Candice C. Robinson (Speaker) Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Aaryn Green (Speaker) Graduate Assistant, Univeristy of Cincinnati African American Cultural and Resource Center
  • Shantee Rosado (Speaker) Post-doctoral fellow in Latinx Studies, Williams College


Cardi B has skyrocketed as the top selling Black Woman in hip hop/rap. At the top of her game, she is engaged, pregnant, and unapologetically herself garnering attention from media personalities and criticisms about her choices. Cardi B’s upward mobility, motherhood, and Afro-Latinx Identity overlap with issues of social class, gender, race and ethnicity within sociology. This panel will include papers on the meaning of Cards B to issues of respectability politics, media, and Black Womanhood.

Session Papers:

The Sociology of Cardi B.

Candice C. Robinson, University of Pittsburgh


White Media and the Appropriation of Authentic Black Womanhood

Aaryn Green, University of Cincinnati


Cardi Gotta Baby by Offset: A Nonmarital Childbearing Case Study

Maretta McDonald, Louisiana State University 


Cardi B: Pregnant While Twerking or Twerking While Pregnant

Veronica Newton-Burke, Georgia State University


Policing Cardi B’s Blackness: A Critical Analysis of “Commonsense” Notions of Race

Shantee Rosado, University of Pennsylvania

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