NonStop Hackathon!
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Sun Nov 3, 2019
Grand Peninsula Ballroom
Networking Event


Connect and the NSU40 planning team is hosting the first ever NonStop Hackathon event at this year’s Technical Boot Camp!

CLICK HERE to sign up.


What is the Hackathon Challenge? 

Build a web server that answers HTTP requests with a web page or REST API response. Make the web site unique in your own way and convey the fundamental values of openness and inclusiveness; both socially and technically.  You can use ANY language, framework, or library available on NonStop. Design, Inventiveness, Visualization all count for bonus points.

The only rule is that you are prohibited intentional sabotage of any of the other teams. 

We encourage teamwork and creativity. The output should demonstrate the core message of open inclusion in display, interaction, performance, or other technical realm. 

What is the goal?
A key aim of the NonStop Under 40s is to encourage and celebrate a wider participation in NonStop from an emerging generation of IT professionals. Our 2019 Hackathon provides an opportunity for participants to get hands-on NonStop experience and learning through a fun and exciting challenge, testing and showcasing their skills in the process. 

While this year’s event will be stripped back and something of a trial run, the intention is to build on this year on year, encouraging participants to develop their ideas in a format and environment that encourages innovation and the sharing of knowledge between people of all professional backgrounds, industries and NonStop  generations. 

Who can participate?
Anyone! We encourage young, inexperienced NonStop users and more experienced members of our community. That way we preserve the knowledge along with the tips and tricks the more experienced members have learned over the years. 

How can I participate?
Participate as a:

  1. Competitor - Teams of two will take part in the Web Server / REST API challenge on NonStop
  2. Mentor - A panel of experienced NonStop experts will be on hand to provide guidance 
  3. Judge - Throughout the challenges, project judges will ensure teams have met the various sprint criteria, and at the end of the event, determine prize winners.
  4. Commentator - The event will be streamed, and we invite anyone interested in commentating throughout the event (this will be epic).
  5. Spectator - We will provide entertainment and light refreshments throughout the event.

When is the event?
Sunday, November 3, from 1:00pm-4:30pm.

What do I need to participate?
A laptop with putty, and (+ ssh-keygen), if you would like to use Eclipse and/or cross-compilers (please bring that yourself, x86).

Where is the event?
Sand Pebble A

Why should I attend?
Prizes will be awarded to the overall winner as well as awards for creativity and performance. (Plus a really cool t-shirt!)

Spots are limited, so ACT FAST.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Paden Holenstein Marketing Specialist, Gravic, Inc.

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