Don't procrastinate, validate!
4:45 PM - 5:45 PM
Tue Nov 5, 2019
Regency Ballroom B


You have an airtight data replication solution in place to ensure your critical data will be recoverable in the event of a  disaster – excellent! But, how do you know that the backup data is a current and accurate copy of the original, that data replication is  operating properly, and nothing has been lost or corrupted? If auditors come knocking on your door, how do you prove to them that  all of your customers' data is safe in the event of a system or datacenter failure? And if the backup data is not consistent with the  original, how do you identify what is wrong and how to correct it? In this session, you will learn the answer to all these questions.  HPE Shadowbase Compare validates consistency between source and target databases even while they are actively being used. If  any missing or corrupted data is found, the details are reported and may be corrected using the Repair function. Compare and  Repair reports may be used to provide evidence for regulatory data validation compliance. Through discussion and demonstration of  specific procedures used in production environments, you will be able to walk away and demonstrate that two databases' data  matches, and how to make corrections if they don't. You will know that your data is safe.


Rick Stather Team Leader, TCM, on behalf of Gravic, Inc.

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