Circularity of Textile Recovery in the US
2:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Wed Nov 18, 2020


Textile waste in the US has increased 78% in less than 20 years, while the entire waste stream only grew 10%. This growing stream of textile waste is largely an untapped resource with enormous potential for recovery through reuse and recycling. Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) published a white paper this summer, Textile Recovery in the U.S.: A Roadmap to Circularity that examines the current state of textile recovery and offers insights into needed solutions. In this session, the paper’s lead author, Marisa Adler, will highlight her company’s research and present an overview of textile waste and recovery in this country. Abi Kammerzell from H&M U.S. will share H&M’s circularity initiatives (activities and investments), goals, and accomplishments, both domestic and global. Cyndi Rhoades, Founder of Worn Again Technologies, will present on their textile to textile recycling technology and what needs to be in place to enable commercialization and scaling. Annie Gullingsrud from Eon will present the vision of Connected Products and the CircularID Protocol and how they can enable quicker, more efficient textile identification, recovery and circularity.

Dan Lilkas-Rain Town of Bethlehem and NYSAR3, Recycling Coordinator & NYSAR3 Board Member

Marisa Adler Senior Consultant, Resource Recycling Systems
Abigail Kammerzell Sustainability Manager, H&M U.S.
Cyndi Rhoades Founder, Worn Again Technologies
Annie Gullingsrud Chief Strategy Officer, Eon