TBC20-066 - Modernizing CyberSecurity: Building a Strategy that works Limited Seating, RSVP via App
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Wed Nov 18, 2020
Recorded Video: Watch video
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Once your network and systems have been compromised, there is no going back. The best you can do is contain the damage as quickly as possible. The current mean time to detect a cybersecurity breach is nearly 60 days. That means hackers are in your network, on your systems doing what they want for 2 months before you know, IF they're ever detected. The damage to your systems, the loss of your critical data, the impact to your company’s reputation and potentially to your career is immeasurable. These are the things that keep leaders up at night.

Steve Tcherchian Chief Product Officer and CISO, XYPRO Technology

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