TBC20-043 - Success & Covid19 - Strength, Capacity, Caring & Compassion Limited Seating, RSVP via App
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Mon Nov 16, 2020
Recorded Video: Watch video
Americas 3 General

At XYPRO, part of accepting this new Working from Home reality is making a conscious effort to shift our mindset to strategies aimed at providing employees with a sense of stability in a crazy time. We emphasize communication, empathy, teamwork and employee engagement. These strategies help us foster a desirable work environment which translates in XYPRO’s ability to remain focused and productive.

It's important to provide resources for parents, younger employees, mentoring and group activities. Implement programs aimed at increasing remote engagement and promote team building via communication & fun. Opportunities for employees to have their voices heard is key to knowing if what you're doing is working. Transparent communication builds trust.

In this presentation I'll describe how XYPRO prepared for and handled the Covid-19 pandemic, moving to 100% work from home, helping our employees work effectively when they never worked remotely before, employee engagement, mental health, retaining our company culture and planning for a return to the office.

Dr. Melodie Bond-Hillman Director, HR and Administration, XYPRO Technology

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