Saturday, July 17
BASIC: Black Asian Solidarity is Critical
Saturday, July 17
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm


  • Annie Wang (Speaker) Engagement Manager, Oliver Wyman
  • Averi Suk (Speaker)
  • Don Hong (Speaker) President, UA3
  • Helen Butler (Speaker) Executive Director, Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda
  • Elizabeth OuYang (Moderator) Supervisor, OCA-NY Hate Crimes Prevention Art Project


Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate are at a critical crossroads. Our communities have both been adversely impacted by centuries of repressive policies fueled by white supremacy, but the pandemic unleashed the depth of institutional racism at the core of discrimination and hate.  With an opportunity to rebuild and with an eye to the country becoming a majority minority country in 2045,  Black Asian Solidarity is Critical. This panel will explore how teenagers, college students, the business sector, and  non-profit organizations serving our respective communities can build and nurture Black Asian Solidarity so it translates into social, economic and political power.

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