Thursday, July 15
How race-conscious admissions works: Toward a fact-based debate over race-conscious admissions
General Advocacy
Thursday, July 15
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm


  • Dr. OiYan Poon (Speaker) Associate Professor Affiliate, Colorado State University


The majority of Asian Americans support affirmative action policies, including race-conscious college admissions. Nonetheless, there remains a very vocal minority of Asian Americans (mostly Chinese Americans) who oppose the policy. As researchers have found, there remains an Asian American affirmative action divide, but do we even know what we’re arguing about? In this workshop, presenters will offer a brief explanation of the current state of federal case law and legal parameters governing race-conscious admissions practices. Then, attendees will participate in an interactive activity that will simulate the work of selective admissions offices. They will apply the legal parameters for considering race as one of many factors in the admissions evaluation and decision-making process.

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