Wednesday, April 28
Remote Selling Secrets: How to Use Video to Hook Prospects Attention, Prioritize Follow Ups, and Shorten Sales Cycles
Headliner Keynote
Wednesday, April 28
10:00 am - 10:50 am



Today, sales access to prospects is at an all-time low, with prospects avoiding or refusing to interact with salespeople. For businesses committed to surviving this inevitable transition, this is a mission-critical priority. If you are finding it difficult to book meetings with prospects, and close deals … there is a better way.


Todd Hartley, the rockstar of remote selling, video marketing, and sales optimization. He's one of Tony Robbins' Business Mastery Faculty Speakers and he will train you in the #1 make or break business skill of 2021, how to use video to sell remotely. You’ll discover how to use video to:


- Get discovered on social media

- Remotely transfer product and service knowledge

- Close 75% of your late stage prospects by the end of the quarter

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