Saturday, March 7
SEO Content Marketing & Syndication - Sustainable Growth For Your Podcast
Entrepreneur Track
Saturday, March 7
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Grand 3



As a podcaster today, you are in the company of celebrities and marketing powerhouses with big platforms and big budgets. With a minimal or no advertising budget, how do you, as an Indie or Entrepreneur podcaster, compete or even become visible?

This session is highly practical. We share our agency's step by step techniques and tools that have worked to successfully market and grow dozens of podcasts. You will learn to "flip the script" to have people discover your podcast through your website and shift listeners from anonymous metrics into living, breathing relationships.

How do people discover podcasts?  Google search is the primary way in which people discover podcasts - according to the latest Infinite Dial study. 

  • We will show you an easy to learn method and affordable tools for maximizing SEO for your podcast.
  • We will also present case studies of how even new (one year old) podcasts can be getting $2-3K free and sustainable search traffic every month.

Paid ads to grow your subscribers is expensive and our research and metrics show it’s often not worth it. We show you that SEO based content marketing is a better way. 

Growing podcast listeners through your website and building your email list with FREE and sustainable search traffic is within reach. It is THE most sticky way to shift your listeners from anonymous statistics to living, breathing people with whom you can develop relationships through this intimate medium of podcasting.

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