Friday, April 23
Happiness at Work
Friday, April 23
11:15 am - 12:15 pm


  • Rolande Kirouac (Speaker) Trainer & Consultant, The ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership, and Owner, Spadrole Training and Development, The ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership
Sponsored By:
Achieve Centre for Leadership


Most people spend the vast majority of their waking hours working.

Whether or not their work environment cultivates a sense of happiness has a huge impact, not only on job satisfaction, but on individual lives as a whole.

This session will help individual sand teams create work environments that are healthy and enjoyable, whether they are working together in person or remotely.

Participants will learn how to influence the mood and energy of their work environment in positive ways through a variety of interactive and fun activities.

The insights learned will give individuals and teams the tools necessary for creating positively contagious environments that pave the way for increased happiness at work.

PARTICIPANT EXPERIENCE: Participant video optional, participant audio optional

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