Saturday, May 1
The Need and Challenges for Service Organizations to Support Formal Education in Under-Resourced Countries
Saturday, May 1
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Recorded Video: Watch video


  • Jerome McDonnell (Speaker) Worldview Solutions
  • Carlos Avila Molina (Speaker) Former Honduras Minister of Education and Immediate Past Honduran Ambassador to the Holy See
  • Charles Newman (Speaker) President and Co-Founder, Schools for the Children of the World (SCW)
  • Esther Suzanne Hicks (Speaker) Director of Catholic School Identity and Mission and President of Adelante Mujer, Adelante Mujer
  • Richard Tatara (Speaker) 2021 International Service Summit Chair, Rotary Club of Naperville


This session will focus on the challenges facing formal education authorities in under resourced areas, and how NGO’s can assist to improve formal education in the areas they serve. Many education authorities are willing to partner with NGO’s and may provide nationally prepared curricula and teachers for new schools that comply with their established design standards. We will discuss examples that offer extended educational opportunities for many communities that only have access to grades 1-6. This session will also focus on the challenges of Educational Facility Sustainability and the need for community training to identify and manage the resources needed for the life (50 years) of any new or existing school facilities.


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