Sunday, June, 10
Workshop 2 - MRO spares procurement – from headache to strategic contributors
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Meeting room 8



Buying the right spares is essential to today’s society. Vital assets related to mining, transportation, energy, and manufacturing would experience serious stand-stills when the spares are not available at the right time. However spares management is often a cumbersome process. The spares are often too late or obsolete, the working capital is way too high, the supplier behavior is dramatic, the stores capacity is limited and maintenance is always full of surprises. Guess which department the fingers are pointing at? Exactly: to supply chain. This workshop is not playing the blame game or pointing back. It is rather about gaining control as a supply chain department, despite all inherent complexities. Change comes from experiencing, not just listening. Hence, the nature of this workshop is experiencing: by case studies and best practices at leading companies, interactive games and lively discussions. Tycho Lejeune will co-present with Jan Willem Rustenburg.

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