Wednesday, June, 13
Workshop 11: Digital Readiness & Become Data-Driven in a Supply Chain - The Way to a Semantic Supply Chain
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Meeting room 8



Attend this interactive and lively workshop to gauge your digital readiness by identifying the key data streams in a supply chain using a SCOR (supply chain operations reference model) based flow model. This will provide guidance to create the foundation for a semantic supply chain and enable the path to advanced supply chain applications.  During the workshop you will learn how to build a physical flow model for the Supply Chain and identify key roles | Bridge to the data world by dissecting the information flow | Identify critical Triggers and Events (Staple yourself to an order in the context of data flow) | Identify critical 4-way match components (based on SCOR best practice) to understand digital readiness of the process | Perform a Create/Read/Update /Delete (CRUD) review of a “Perfect Invoice” and map to supply flow | Review some key technologies related to a Semantic Supply chain (Linked data & Dictionary/Ontology) | Discuss possible advanced options for the Supply Chain model

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