Thursday, October 22
Taking care of yourself: Mental health and science journalism
Platform: Zoom webinar #SciWriCraft Session
Thursday, October 22
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



Organizers: Rachael Lallensack and Erin Ross

Reporting is always a hard, high-stress job, but 2020 raised the bar.

Work impacts our mental health, and in turn, mental health can have a big impact on how you view work. Self doubt, depression, burnout, anxiety, all of these can impact work and cause a feedback cycle. Mental health disorders can lead to decreased productivity at work, increase burnout, decrease concentration, and seriously hurt an employee’s quality of life. And many science writers cover massive catastrophes, outbreaks, chronic health disparities and systemic racism, and climate change.

This will be a panel discussion on mental health and science journalism. We are all experiencing isolation while working from home — something freelancers have dealt with for a long time. We will discuss ways managers and editors can support reporters through emotionally draining assignments, and provide tips on preventing burnout.

While science journalists talk about mental health on Twitter, Facebook groups, and in Slack channels, it’s very rare that we discuss it professionally. Come with ideas for discussion, and leave with tools for managing mental health.

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