Friday, October 18
Fighting Ubiquity: The Battle Between Technology and Creativity
Friday, October 18
9:30 am - 10:10 am

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Thanks to digital technology, marketers and communicators are better able to use data to inform strategy and measure results than ever before. But in a world driven by ones and zeroes, WE Communications’ Ray Page, executive vice president of Digital & Experience Technology (DXT), believes brands may be losing sight of creativity and the need to connect with audiences on a human level. Armed with supporting data and insights from WE’s 2019 Brands in Motion perception study, Ray will propose a new way forward for brands to develop creative ideas that is more intentional, integrated and better reflects the world we live in today: The Trifecta Model. He’ll explain that creative power comes from adding a third role to the mix, shifting from a binary team construct to a flexible trio of creative, technology and strategy.

Attendees will leave this session understanding how to use the trifecta model to drive differentiation for the brands they work with.

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