An international look at teaching audio podcasting: A comparison across continents
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Wed Jul 10, 2019
Amphi 5 - T├ęzenas du Moncel
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Within the context of a skyrocketing demand for quality audio work globally, this paper discusses the pedagogical approaches utilized by educators who’ve taught radio, audio and or podcasting courses. This research especially captures the techniques and skills that make teaching audio journalism unique. It acknowledges that seismic change has been occurring in the usage of audio journalism internationally; there has been an explosion in the number of free and high-quality online guides to podcasting and audio journalism more generally; the universal adoption of smartphones means audio makers no longer require high-cost equipment to record or edit interviews; and increasingly, students arrive in class already with audio recording and editing skills often learned from YouTube videos or high school classes. This mean university audio journalism classes requires strategies to address student who arrive in class believing they already have the skills and the equipment required. This paper builds on the knowledge of audio educators in Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Canada on ways to prepare students to be audio producers, and in doing so this paper draws out a list of best practices for classroom teaching and what are now better defined as “googleworthy.” This paper also posits that experiential learning theory plays a role in the preparedness of college students. This study concludes that global educators are implementing traditional radio journalism processes as they teach a new generation podcast production with an emphasis on audio storytelling.

Keywords: podcasting; radio journalism; audio journalism; journalism education; broadcasting; radio; audio; audio storytelling; smartphones; experiential learning

Kim Fox Just promoted to: Full Professor Of Practice, The American University in Cairo
Catherine Strong Editor, Teaching Journalism & Mass Comminication
Alex Wake Program Manager, Journalism, RMIT University Australia
Kathryn Gretsinger University of British Colimbia

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