Survey Results on Why CS Faculty Adopt New Teaching Practices
4:35 PM - 5:00 PM
Thu Feb 28, 2019
Millennium: Grand Central (Lobby level)


In a previous paper, we explored results from the first stage of a two-part research project designed to uncover what influences computer science (CS) faculty to adopt new teaching practices. In the first phase, we conducted interviews, classroom observations, and focus groups with faculty to better understand the organizational, individual, and social factors that influence faculty adoption. Here we discuss findings from the second phase of the project, which uses survey data from 821 CS faculty at 595 institutions in the U.S. to investigate the prevalence of themes uncovered during the qualitative phase. Results show that faculty who tried an innovation were motivated primarily by concerns for students' learning and course experience, including their engagement and participation. Also important were the "fit" with existing practices and tools, and the logistics of implementing an innovation. Factors that reduced faculty willingness to try an innovation include a lack of time, logistical issues, and satisfaction with their current teaching practices. Faculty learned about the innovations they later adopted through presentations and workshops at conferences and at their home institutions, and through conversations with respected colleagues who teach in similar contexts. Implications for encouraging more widespread usage of teaching techniques that improve diversity and student learning are discussed.

Christopher Hovey Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder
Lecia Barker Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Dept of Information Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Vaughan Nagy University of Colorado Boulder

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