ZyBooks: Is your CS course too complex? How are you handling growth?
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Thu Feb 28, 2019
Hyatt: Lakeshore A (1st floor)
Supporter Session


Supported by ZyBooks

"Programming is hard, but all the logins are harder" -- Said by a UCR student

Instructors often don't realize how complex CS courses have become ("feature creep"). zyBooks provide an outstanding interactive textbook, auto-grading homework system, and program auto-grader, all seamlessly integrated into ONE platform (with only one login -- or none via LMS integration). That's a key reason nearly all faculty come back, and why students ask to access our zyBooks even if their professor is using a different book. We'll show how our comprehensive solution leads to smooth courses that students love -- even if hard.

"I enjoy grading programs" -- Said by nobody

CS is experiencing explosive growth, which pushes our grading resources to the limit. Auto-grading saves huge amounts of time. Students get more practice and immediate feedback, so they can improve quickly. We've learned how to do auto-grading even better, like with automated hints in homework problems, or using many small programs in CS1. We'll show how easy it is to create auto-graded programming assignments, and tell you about our large set of zyBooks-maintained labs -- so you can focus on the parts of teaching you really enjoy.


Smita Bakshi CEO/co-founder, ZyBooks
Frank Vahid ZyBooks Co-founder/Prof UC Riverside, University of California, Riverside & zyBooks
Roman Lysecky Professor, University of Arizona
Alex Edgcomb Software Engineer/Research Specialist UC Riverside, University of California, Riverside & zyBooks

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