Workshop #104: Experiential Accessibility Learning Labs for Computing Education
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


This workshop will support participants in easily including educational accessibility material into their computing and non-computing classroom. Since all activities and materials are accessible through a browser, adopters will not be required to install or configure anything. The workshop will enable participants to both learn about our provided educational accessibility material, and will also allow participants to discuss best practices for the inclusion of educational accessibility materials in their curricula. Participants will gain an understanding of common best practices for including accessibility in their curriculum and will gain an understanding of how to use our material. Participants will only need a laptop with internet connection. No prior knowledge of accessibility or technical topics is required.

Equipment Recommended. It is recommended, but not required, that participants bring a equipment.


This workshop will introduce our Accessibility Learning Labs (ALL). The objectives of this collaborative project with The National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) are to both inform participants about foundational topics in accessibility and to demonstrate the importance of creating accessible software. The labs enable easy classroom inclusion by providing instructors all necessary materials including lecture and activity slides and videos. Each lab addresses an accessibility issue and contains: I) Relevant background information on the examined issue II) An example web-based application containing the accessibility problem III) A process to emulate this accessibility problem IV) Details about how to repair the problem from a technical perspective V) Incidents from people who encountered this accessibility issue and how it has impacted their life. The labs may be integrated into a wide variety of curriculum at high schools (9-12), and in undergraduate and graduate courses. The labs will be easily adoptable due to their self-contained nature and their inclusion of all necessary instructional material (e.g., slides, quizzes, etc.). No special software is required to use any portion of the labs since they are web-based and are able to run on any computer with a reasonably recent web browser. There are currently four available labs on the topics of: Colorblindness, Hearing, Blindness and Dexterity. Material is available on our website:

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