Session 1J: Researching Race in Computer Science Education: Demystifying Key Vocabulary and Methods
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Thu Mar 12, 2020
Portland Ball Room 252


Diversity and inclusion are popular topics at SIGCSE. However, few researchers examine questions specifically focused on race. Such research is of great interest to the SIGCSE community, but is typically conducted by education faculty and published in education journals. This panel attempts to introduce attendees to relevant background and methods, such that attendees can more easily understand and contribute to computer science education research related to race. This panel attempts to bridge our two communities by inviting race scholars from education to share their expertise with computer science education researchers and practitioners.

Colleen Lewis Associate Professor of CS, Harvey Mudd College
Joanna Goode Associate Professor, University of Oregon
Allison Scott Kapor Center
Niral Shah Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Sepehr Vakil Northwestern University