Session 7I: Higher Education and Elementary School Computing Partnership
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Sat Mar 14, 2020
Portland Ball Room 251
Special Session


How to create a computer science partnership with an elementary school. The presenters discuss the various aspects and challenges of implementing a computer science program at the elementary school level, K-5. Topics to be discussed include where K-5 is now in Georgia, existing programs, curriculum development, pedagogy, funding, infrastructure, teacher training, and involvement of undergraduate computer science students. Audience members will be engaged throughout the presentation with questions and polls during and between topic discussions. The attendees may use their cellphones or laptops to respond to questions. The partnership group will converse about their experiences with diversity and geographic equity in computing. We believe any attendee wishing to do outreach or develop a computer science program at the K-5 level will be interested.

Mary Hudachek-Buswell Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology
Cedric Stallworth Assistant Dean - OEC, Georgia Tech College of Computing
LeAnne Cheatham Teacher, Willis Road Elementary School
Faith North Willis Road Elementary School
Ruchi Banerjee Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing