Session 7L: Looking Ahead: Professional Development Needs for Experienced CS Teachers
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Sat Mar 14, 2020
Portland Ball Room 256


As computer science is moving into K-12 education, most efforts have focused on getting new teachers into computer science or integrating computing within STEM topics. But one aspect that has received less attention, if any, is the continued professional development of experienced CS teachers. We know little about the particular learning needs of experienced CS teachers, knowledge that will be critical as the CS teaching force expands significantly in coming years. In this panel, we address this knowledge gap from the perspective of teacher education research and professional development-what we need to know about deepening teachers' pedagogical practices and content knowledge-an understanding that will be instrumental for retaining and enriching teachers in CS education.

Yasmin kafai Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Jake Baskin Executive Director, CSTA
Deborah Fields Associate Research Professor, Utah State University
Joanna Goode Associate Professor, University of Oregon
Bryan “BT” Twarek Director of Education, Computer Science Teachers Association
Aman Yadav Professor, Michigan State University