Computing for Social Good in Education
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


Computing for Social Good in Education (CSG-Ed) provides an opportunity for learning technical and professional skills while reinforcing computing's social relevance. This FREE SIGCAS-sponsored pre-symposium event will allow participants to learn how to incorporate CSG-Ed into their classroom in two ways.

The morning will focus on Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS), particularly on development of "HFOSS kits". An HFOSS kit provides an isolated environment built with artifacts from an active HFOSS project that can be used to learn and practice software skills. For example, a kit containing a code base, issue tracker, and revision control history could support learning related to version control. HFOSS kits provide the complexity and scale of the real project while allowing students to explore a socially beneficial application. Short presentations will provide the foundation for a breakout session to explore ideas for development of HFOSS kits.

Details about the morning session may be found at:

The afternoon will focus on techniques for incorporating CSG-Ed projects into the introductory computing curricula. Participants will learn how to reframe existing projects or develop new programming projects as CSG-Ed focused assignments, as well as how to utilize open data repositories as both data set source and inspiration for projects ideas.

Details about the afternoon session may be found at:

It is commonly believed that incorporating the social relevance of computing in the curriculum requires significant instructor time and can only be undertaken in the upper division courses. The goal of the afternoon session is to train the attendees on class-proven techniques for introducing CSG-Ed from CS0 onward with little extra effort for the instructor.

Gregory Hislop Professor, Drexel University
Mikey Goldweber Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Xavier University
Heidi J. C. Ellis Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Western New England University
Lori Postner Professor, Nassau Community College
Lisa Kaczmarczyk Owner, Lisa Kaczmarczyk PhD Consulting, LLC
Grant Braught Professor of Computer Science, Dickinson College
Richard Blumenthal Professor, Chair CS Department, Regis University
Herman Jackson Professor, Western New England University
Darci Burdge Professor, Nassau Community College
Karl R Wurst Professor of Computer Science, Worcester State University