An Assessments Hub and Community of Practice for K-12 Computer Science
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


The workshop organizers have recently been awarded an NSF grant (CNS 1943530) to build and grow a Community of Practice (CoP) for K-12 CS teachers centered on a shared need for rich, innovative formative assessments, and leverage a technology hub ( to aggregate, curate, and create assessments organized by CSTA K-12 CS standards, grade, concept/topic, curriculum, and other relevant criteria for intuitive use by teachers of all experience levels. The goals of the workshop will be to (a) build capacity in understanding the how/when/why of the use of formative classroom assessment among the K-12 CS educator community, (b) share (and get feedback on) the foundational work done by the team of researchers and teachers on the project to create taxonomies by which to organize the assessments, and identify coverage and gaps; and (c) recruit interested teachers and researchers at the workshops to join in activities related to reviewing, sharing, creating, curating, and tagging assessments on Edfinity (i.e. grow the CoP).

More information available at:

Bryan “BT” Twarek Director of Education, Computer Science Teachers Association
Shuchi Grover Senior Research Scientist/Visiting Scholar, Looking Glass Ventures/Stanford University
Kelly Powers Teacher in Residence, Cornell Tech
Sangeeta Bhatnagar Facilitator,