Computer Science Principles Providers and Teachers Forum
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


To accompany the launch of the AP Computer Science Principles course in 2016, the College Board has sought providers to develop AP CSP curriculum and provide professional development. Over a half dozen experienced organizations and academic institutions have jumped in to meet this need, including the Beauty and Joy of Computing, Bootstrap, UTeach Computer Science, Exploring Computer Science, and Mobile CSP. Two years have passed since the initial offerings of professional development opportunities under the 2016 CSTA Computer Science For All Community Giving initiative, but year-after-year, there has been no community for all providers or teachers to discuss best practices, feedback, or share teaching experiences. The CSP Providers and Teachers Forum aims to increase collaboration and discussion among College Board endorsed providers and teachers by offering an agenda that can include sharing successes and failures of professional development, reviewing common teaching issues providers and teachers encounter, discussing strategies for teacher recruitment and keeping in touch with teachers, and preparing for and reading results of the AP CS Principles exam.

More information may be found at:

Michael Ball Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Lauren Mock UC Berkeley