NSF Merit Review System and Grant Writing
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

What is the NSF merit review process and what does it take to ensure that reviewers find merit in your NSF proposal? Join us for an inside look as we analyze the NSF proposal process from solicitation to award or decline. Learn to identify key components, and address intellectual merit and broader impact. This interactive workshop leads participants through each component by introducing related issues, engaging participants in group exercises designed to explore and share their understanding of the issues, and providing guidance on these issues. Approaches for volunteering to review and the elements of a good review are covered, along with Helpful Hints and Fatal Flaws. You are invited to register here for the session:

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Sami Rollins Program Director, National Science Foundation
Li Yang Program Officer, Division of Graduate Education, Directorate of Education and Human Resources, NSF
Mark Paule National Science Foundation

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