What do Students Really Want and Need in CS1? And How Does That Compare With What Instructors Think?
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Fri Mar 13, 2020
Supporter Session


Sponsored by ZyBooks

This is not your everyday supporter session. Rather than a product demo, we'll use this time to hear from real students about their CS1 experiences. What worked and what didn't? What do they want and need in CS1? What did instructors think was the greatest thing since sliced bread that students ended up hating? How do they view flipped classrooms, pair programming, auto-grading, self-chosen projects, peer instruction, help from upperclassmen, and similar items. And how could those items be improved? We'll also hear from instructors, including what they *think* students want and need, what's worked and what hasn't, and their ideas for improving. The session will be run in a fun, game-like manner. We welcome students and instructors to join, provide their input, or just listen and learn how to become better at their own learning or teaching. What's in it for us, zyBooks? Our professor-formed company's mission is to help students succeed (especially in CS) and to help teachers teach. So we hope to learn how to create products that will better serve you.

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Smita Bakshi President, zyBooks
Frank Vahid Professor/ Chief Learning Officer, University of California, Riverside/ zyBooks
Roman Lysecky Professor/ Head of Content, University of Arizona/ zyBooks

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