BOF #9B: Supporting CS Students Living with Mental Illnesses: Sharing Experiences, Establishing Support, and Discussing Best Practices
6:30 PM - 7:20 PM
Thu Mar 12, 2020


Recent studies have demonstrated the prevalence of mental health issues and illnesses among students in higher education, especially in STEM degree programs like computing. While we work as a community towards solutions that benefit the mental health of all students, we must also take targeted action towards supporting students with diagnosed mental illnesses (e.g. major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia). This should begin by allowing these often unheard students an opportunity to voice their invisible experiences in a safe space. This will start creating a shared understanding among faculty and students of how these illnesses can affect the educational experience, as well as how our common university practices can affect the lives of those living with these illnesses. This space will give students an understanding that their voices and experiences are valued and heard by the general academic community. We hope this will also show students that they are not alone and grant an opportunity for them to connect with others and establish networks of support. We will end this session discussing and disseminating best practices for supporting this community.

Nicholas Lytle Graduate Student, North Carolina State University
Christian Murphy University of Pennsylvania
Brianna Blaser Project Manager, University of Washington, AccessComputing

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