Friday, February, 23
Bridging the Research to Practice Gap with Project TACTICal Briefs
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Exhibit Hall


  • Todd Lash (Speakers) University Of Illinois
  • Maya Israel (Speakers) Research Director, Creative Technology Research Lab, UIUC, United States


Todd Lash (Creative Technologies Resource Lab, UIUC, United States)

Maya Israel (Creative Technology Resource Lab, UIUC, United States)

ABSTRACT. Now more than ever, students with disabilities are participating in computer science (CS) education. As CS increasingly becomes a part of the general curriculum in grades K-8, ensuring that these learning experiences are equitable and accessible to a wide range of learners may help broaden the diversity of individuals who choose to engage in computing experiences throughout their schooling and into their professional lives (Qualls & Sherrell, 2010). Therefore, it is essential to identify pedagogical approaches that lower barriers for students with disabilities and give teachers new tools to help those students succeed. The initial findings, focused on practitioners, from a National Science Foundation STEM+C project, and derived from a series of qualitative case studies about challenges faced by K-8 students with disabilities in CS education will be elucidated. These briefs, written in the form of vignettes, and grounded in our own research findings, as well as special education best practice, are being disseminated to practitioners and used for professional development and intervention work

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