Keynote: The State of Our State – Active Transportation in Texas in 2020
3:05 PM - 3:50 PM
Fri Oct 16, 2020
Virtual Main Stage
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ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects CPRP/NRPA - Certified Parks and Recreation Professional/National Recreation and Park Association APA / AICP - American Institute of Certified Planners


CEUs for this session: 1.0


When it comes to fostering and embracing Active Transportation, Texas has come a long way. In many ways, we've learned from other cities, states and even countries, and what they have done and how they got there. From the days where trails were frequently vilified as conduits for crime, where bicycle infrastructure was a "route" on a map, where sidewalks were an afterthought because, well, we had to, Texas is now poised to lead the charge when it comes to active transportation and active living.


But are we there yet? What is the “state” of our state when it comes to active transportation? Are Texans truly embracing the true integration of walking and bicycling as a better way to think of transportation?


This session provides a snapshot of what is happening today across our very large state. From north to south, from El Paso out west to the urban core of Houston, we'll showcase the tireless efforts of champions out there, the behind the scenes work of many communities, and the progress that is being made every day. This comprehensive look will help open our eyes to what is being done, but also highlight the challenges that we still have before us.


Learning Objectives:

- Provide summaries of many approaches to kickstarting active transportation initiatives that have taken place across Texas, and key lessons learned.

- Help attendees identify conditions in their communities that can fast-forward active transportation initiatives.

- Attendees will recognize challenges and solutions that have been used in other communities and build an understanding of how to apply those in their communities.


Attendees will be provided with brief summaries of a variety of stories from across Texas. Through case studies, interaction with participants, easy to understand facts and statistics, images, and maps, attendees will be able to recognize and identify key opportunities and challenges in their communities. To illustrate these opportunities and challenges no matter where they are located, a variety of agencies and community size case studies will be included, ranging from large MPO's and Councils of Government, to large cities, to smaller rural areas and even counties.

Jim Carrillo FAICP, PLA Vice President, Halff Associates