Friday, October 5
Covering Conflict
Friday, October 5
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Topaz (3rd Floor)



War is deception, as the Chinese general Sun Tzu said—and it’s left to investigative journalists to strip away the deceit. Who’s really commanding the battle, and what do they get out of it? Who’s funding and arming them? What back-door deals are underway while a country is in turmoil? Amid the violence and chaos, it takes a cool head and a strong gut to make sense of it all, and unpick the details that are truly history-making.

We have two great journalists who have years of experience in doing just that in diverse conflict zones, and they will explain how to nail down what’s truly important: Maria Abi-Habib, who covered ISIS and al Qaeda; Namini Wijedasa, one of the top reporters on Sri Lanka's bloody civil war; and moderator Maria Teresa Ronderos, who will also share her experience on the frontlines of Colombia's bloody years-long conflict. 

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