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Corporate Crime, Tax Scams, & Corrupt Acts
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Sun Oct 7, 2018
Jade (3rd Floor)
Crime & Corruption


In every survey of those who attend our conferences, corruption comes up as one of the top issues for investigative journalists. It shouldn't be a surprise. Virtually every other issue -- from the environment to poverty to trade -- is influenced by corrupt practices. Here, Pakistan's Umar Cheema and Nepal's Krishna Acharya will talk about tax scams and corruption in their home countries, while OCCRP's Miranda Patrucic and Paul Radu give a global perspective on corporate crime and money laundering. 

Tateiwa Yoichiro
Executive Director, Japan Center for Money and Politics

Umar Cheema
Special Correspondent, The News
Paul Radu
Executive Director, OCCRP
Krishna Acharya
Journalist, Kantipur
Miranda Patrucic
Investigative Reporter / Regional Editor, Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project

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